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Established in 1979 as a research collaboration between Thailand's Mahidol University and the UK's University of Oxford and Wellcome, the Mahidol Oxford Tropical Medicine Research Unit (MORU) and its Departments, laboratories and Operations & Admin are headquartered in Bangkok, Thailand within Mahidol's Faculty of Tropical Medicine.

A group photo the MORU Tropical Health Network © MORU 2019. Photo by Gerhard Jørén
In Bangkok, some of the 780 MORU Tropical Health Network research physicians, scientists, technicians, nurses, field workers and support staff who work in 5 research units and 50 sites across Asia and Africa.

Our discipline-specific departments and laboratories in Bangkok and elsewhere work closely with all of our MORU Units and study sites, as well as with the national malaria control programmes and ministries of health in countries across SE Asia and the tropics. This enables us to explore heterogeneity in the causes of infec­tious diseases and allows us to conduct adequately powered multicentre clinical trials, ensuring the generalizability of results.

This broad interconnected network is coordinated by our Science and Strategy Committee, which meets monthly. We also work together through cross programme disease and discipline working groups (for e.g. in malaria, rickettsial diseases, melioidosis, lab microbiology, mathematical and economic modelling and epidemiology).

Through this process we develop our joint research themes and ensure that our research efforts are efficient, synergistic and directed towards the greatest possible impact on health.

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