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The aim of the Malaria & Critical Illness Department at MORU is to improve health through research that addresses threats arising from malaria for billions of people who live in malaria endemic zones around the globe.

A group photo of Arjen Dondorp, Head of Malaria with Kesinee Chotivanich and her Malaria Lab team. © MORU 2019. Gerhard Jørén
Arjen Dondorp, Head of Malaria (back right) with Kesinee Chotivanich (front, 2nd right) and her Malaria Lab team.

Overview Malaria & Critical illness

Billions of people live in malaria endemic countries; we aim to improve health through research that addresses this threat.

Critical illness Malaria & Critical illness

The Wellcome-MORU supported CRIT Care Asia (CCA) platform enables International Severe Acute Respiratory and emerging Infections Consortium (ISARIC) and WHO compliant real-time reporting of severe acute respiratory infections (SARI) critical care admissions from 11 South Asia and sub-Saharan African countries. CCA COVID -19 data is contributing to local, national and international research, and supporting service delivery. CCA is a collaborator of LOGIC, an international quality improvement consortium of ICU registries spanning four continents.

Significant achievements Malaria & Critical illness

The Malaria & Critical Illness team published 96 papers in 2018, and 222 papers from 2015-2017, of which many in leading journals. Since its conception in 1979, the Malaria team has published over 1,000 papers.

Future vision Malaria & Critical illness

Following the large multi-centre multi-country TRAC II study on triple ACTs (TACTs) to treat multi-drug resistant falciparum malaria, DeTACT, a large project funded by DFID, will expand the evaluation of TACTs to African countries and aims to have 2 different TACTs ready for deployment by the end of the project.

Studies & study sites - Malaria & Critical illness

The Malaria & Critical Illness Department has a vibrant and productive network of collaborative study sites throughout South-East Asia, South Asia and Africa, with around 15 studies currently operating in a total of an equal number of countries.