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Cherry Lim

Cherry Lim

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Cherry Lim

Wellcome Trust Training Fellow

I am a DPhil student and my research is supported by the Wellcome Trust Training Fellowship. My supervisors are Dr. Direk Limmathurotsakul (Microbiology Department), Dr. Ben Cooper (MAEMOD), Prof. Nick Day, and Prof. Guy Thwaites.

My research is on drug-resistant infection (DRI). I aim to study epidemiology of DRI in details and estimate the number of excess deaths due to DRI in Southeast and South Asia. I will also evaluate the impact of appropriate and inappropriate antibiotic use in hospitals in Southeast Asia. There is a lack of precise understanding on the consequences of antibiotic underuse, misuse and overuse in hospitals in developing countries. I will use advanced statistical models to systematically evaluate the impact of antibiotic use on patient survival in developing country. I will then compare those findings with that in the United Kingdom, where antibiotic use is better controlled.

These all are important to assist the designing of an intervention to improve antibiotic use and reduce DRI infection in developing countries.

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