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Dr Ghulam Rahim Awab

Dr Ghulam Rahim Awab

Research groups

Ghulam Rhahim Awab

Senior researcher

Since graduation as MD holder in 1995, I am a public health and medicine certified employee in governmental, UN & non governmental organization, currently Medical faculty member of Nangarhar University as well as MORU research collaborator since 2007.

My expertise includes management, teaching, mentoring, and research in the filed of Public health & preventive medicine, Social and behavioral science, Tropical Medicine & Global Health, Infectious Disease & Immunology, Medical and research ethics, project design/planning, monitoring/evaluation and social mobilization.

I enjoy new ideas and feasible solutions to relevant problems. I am described as honest, committed, driven, and resourceful who maintains a positive, proactive attitude when faced with adversity. 

My diverse interests include the epidemiology, pathophysiology and management of malaria, typhoid, HIV, Diarrhea, dengue fever, tuberculosis, anemia, malnutrition and poverty. My particular interests at present include the malaria control/elimination, the prevention of antimalarial drug resistance using traditional and artemisinin-based combination treatment, the risk of relapsing vivax malaria, radical cure and G6PD deficiency’s prevalence, types, effects and safety.

With MORU collaborators I conduct clinical research to help improve global, regional and national health and to build capacity for this in medical faculties and in local settings. My research aims to provide global and local organizations with key data to help make evidence-based decisions for patients, curricula & health policy.

Currently, I’m seeking opportunities to strengthen and promote local capacity, improve data use, technologies for evidence-based decisions to benefit human health. My specific interests include data analytics, datashare biotechnology, networking and medicine quality.