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Didar Uddin

Didar Uddin

Research groups

Didar Uddin

Research Assistant

A Research Assistant for MORU Epidemiology in Bangladesh for the project Quantifying the impact of human mobility on P. falciparum malaria burden and spread of antimalarial resistance in the Greater Mekong Subregion, Didar previously worked as Study Coordinator for the MORU Epidemiology study Assessing the Contribution of Migration to the Emergence and Spread of Antimalarial Drug Resistance in Bangladesh.

Prior to joining MORU, Didar worked with MORU and WHO as Supervisor of Psychological Assessors on the Grand Challenges Canada-funded Saving Brains: the Artesunate Suppository Severe Malaria Cohort (SBASSMC) for the Malaria Research Group, Chittagong Medical College Hospital, Chittagong, Bangladesh.

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