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The impact of improvements in treatment evidence is compromised if the medicines used in treatment are substandard or falsified (SF) and negate much of the benefits of modern health care. We will expand our innovative and multidisciplinary work to try to answer key gaps in the evidence base to inform policy and interventions.

Dr Céline Caillet reviews medicine quality screening devices with Medicine Quality Research Group © MORU 2019. Photographer: Gerhard Jørén.
Dr Céline Caillet (2nd left) reviews medicine quality screening devices with Medicine Quality Research Group.

The MORU Network's Medicine Quality research plans include:

  • Forensic epidemiology of substandard and falsified antimicrobials
  • Expand modelling to better understand the relationship between medicine quality and antimicrobial resistance.
  • Establish an accredited Medicine Quality Analysis Laboratory to perform routine analysis, build south-south technical capacity in medicines analysis, forensic analysis and a platform for the evaluation of the diagnostic accuracy, quantitation and cost-effectiveness of innovative medicine quality screening devices.
  • Pioneer research on optimal public engagement for ‘outbreaks’ of SF medicines and explore how to optimally engage with policy makers.
  • Continue our annual Medicine Quality & Public Health Courses  (including starting a Francophone course) and MQPH Conference every two years to encourage engagement and collaboration

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