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Dr Phornpimon Tipthara

Dr Phornpimon Tipthara

Research groups

Phornpimon Tipthara

Senior Scientist


Phornpimon has been a Senior Scientist at the Department of Clinical Pharmacology at MORU since 2018. Originally from Thailand, Phornpimon’s main area of research is the application of mass spectrometry-based techniques for metabolomics and proteomics approaches. Her main research goal is to discover the mechanism of drug action, understand the pathophysiology, and improve diagnostics in tropical diseases.

Phornpimon’s current research focuses on in vitro and in vivo investigations of the metabolism and transporter mechanisms involved in the elimination and distribution of ivermectin, as well as its potential interactions with other antimalarial drugs. Her ongoing research interests involve the application of metabolomics and proteomics approaches to non-malarial and neglected tropical diseases, such as melioidosis, undifferentiated febrile illnesses, schistosomiasis, and scrub typhus.

Phornpimon received a grant from The Royal Golden Jubilee PhD Program, which was financed by the Thailand Research Fund under the Royal Thai government, for her doctoral studies, and completed her PhD in Organic Chemistry from Chulalongkorn University, Thailand in 2007. She is currently participating in the internal MORU 2-year Leadership and Personal Effectiveness Programme, which will be completed in 2023.

At MORU, Phornpimon has worked as a co-investigator on the study of ivermectin as a novel vector control for malaria elimination. She is also a member of the SEACTN team; the South and Southeast Asian Community-based Trials Network, part of the Wellcome Trust Innovations for LMICs Flagship projects.


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