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The Clinical Therapeutics Unit (CTU) conducts clinical studies on the treatment of uncomplicated malaria and analyses and models pathological responses in malaria, G6PD deficiency, vivax relapse and anti-infective drug pharmacometric and pharmacodynamics data.

CTU team © 2019 MORU. Photographer: Gerhard Jørén

Overview CTU

Located in a ward of the Hospital for Tropical Diseases, part of Mahidol University’s Faculty of Tropical Medicine (FTM), and overseen by Prof Sasithon Pukrittayakamee, the Clinical Therapeutics Unit is staffed by experienced doctors and nurses familiar with good clinical practice guidelines and research methodologies.

Significant achievements CTU

CTU has conducted pharmacokinetic studies on antimalarial drugs, anti-influenza drugs, antitrypanosomal drugs, endectocides, and the RTS,S malaria vaccine in Thai adults as a prelude to a malaria elimination evaluation. It is currently evaluating an ascending dose regimen for primaquine in G6PD deficiency.

Future vision CTU

CTU underpins many of the clinical malaria studies conducted by MORU by conducting preliminary PK or safety studies. CTU will continue to evaluate new and existing antimalarial drugs in order to improve the treatment of malaria.