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Mr Sazid Ibna Zaman

Mr Sazid Ibna Zaman

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Sazid Ibna Zaman

Data manager & GIS specialist

MORU Epidemiology & MAEMOD

Based in Dhaka, Bangladesh, Sazid Ibna Zaman is a Data Manager & GIS Specialist for the Epidemiology and Mathematical and Economic Modeling (MAEMOD) departments at the Mahidol Oxford Tropical Medicine Research Unit (MORU). He provides technical support relating to the standardization, collection, sharing and analysis of geospatial data and the efficient use of geography and GIS technology for decision making. Sazid is also co-founder of GroupMappers

Holder of BSc in Geography & Environment from University of Dhaka and MSc in Environmental Science from the State University of Bangladesh, Sazid has nearly 12 years of experience in data management and GIS mapping for national and international organizations both within the country and abroad including Denmark and Thailand.

Sazid’s research aims to identify the spatial distribution of malaria in terms of both the host humans and mosquitoes in Bangladesh over space and time and investigate the determinants of the changing pattern of the spatial distribution of malaria to inform planning of strategies for malaria control and elimination. He focuses on clinical and epidemiological field studies, collation of data from a wide range of partners, GIS mapping, spatial statistical analysis and modelling, as well as building capacity in epidemiology and mapping across the region. His research interests include malaria elimination, spatiotemporal epidemiology, GIS mapping, geo-statistical & hotspot analysis, vector behavior, environmental modelling and population movement studies.