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Malaria & Critical illness team

Head of Malaria & Critical Illness Dep’t: Prof Arjen Dondorp

IDDO/WWARNSML & EQA Coordinator: Ranitha Vongpromek

Clinical Trials Technologist: Ketsanee Srinamom

Lab Technician: Pak Sadomthian

Sanger Group Senior Informatics Fellow: Olivo Miotto

Executive Administrator: Pannapat Masingboon

Scientific Coordinator GMS GenRe-Mekong team: Dr Areeya Disratthakit

Clinical Malaria

Head of Clinical Malaria: Prof Arjen Dondorp

Senior Researchers:

Postdocs and Clinical Researchers:


DeTACT Coordinators:

Malaria Lab

Head of Malaria Laboratory: Prof Kesinee Chotivanich

Senior Postdoc: Andrea Ruecker

Research Scientists: Tianrat Piteekan

Lab Technicians: 

  • Yannawan Wongchai
  • Patpannee Khanthagan
  • Amornrat Promsongsil
  • Chorphaka Duangta
  • Pornpawee Chiewpoo
  • Sirinatda Sa-nguan
  • Niyada
  • Nuntharattanapong
  • Luksika Jiramonai

Research Assistants/Coordinators:

  • Chaiyaporn Pattanarudee
  • Nattaporn Piaraksa
  • Nattinan Kaewviset
  • Thanayporn Supapoat

Molecular Malaria Lab

Head of Molecular Malaria: Prof Mallika Imwong

Molecular Analyst: Chanon Kunasol

Lab Manager: Kanokon Suwannasin

Lab Coordinator: Jureeporn Duanguppama

Lab technicians:

  • Watcharee Pagornrat
  • Wanassanan Madmanee
  • Jindarat Kouhathong
  • Apinya Srilawong

ICU Clinical Team

Head of ICU in LMIC: Prof Arjen Dondorp

Clinical Researchers:

  • Dr Rashan Haniffa (coordinator)
  • Dr Abigail Beane (coordinator)
  • Dr Rebecca Inglis


  • Prof Marcus Schultz
  • Prof Ramani Moonesinghe
  • Dr Meghan Leaver

Crit Care Asia:

  • Country and site leads
  • Consultants