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Director of Microbiology Laboratory & Deputy Head of Virology: Dr Manivanh Vongsouvath (Government of Lao PDR staff)

Director of LOMWRU: Professor Elizabeth Ashley


SeniorClinical Microbiologist: Dr Andrew Simpson

Head Lab Technician & Deputy Director of Microbiology Laboratory: Mrs Viengmon Davong (Government of Lao PDR staff)


Head of Virology: Dr Audrey Dubot-Pérès

Molecular Bacteriology

Head of Molecular Bacteriology, Area Safety Officer & Rickettsial Coordinator: Dr Matthew Robinson

Lab Manager: Mrs Anisone Chanthongthip


Research Physician & Head of Clinical Team: Dr Koukeo Phommasone (Government of Lao PDR staff)

Research Physician & Deputy Head of Clinical Team: Dr Vilada Chansamouth (Government of Lao PDR staff)

Research Physician: Dr Sayaphet Rattanavong (Government of Lao PDR staff)

Malaria & Field Work

Head of Malaria & Fieldwork: Professor Mayfong Mayxay (Government of Lao PDR staff)

Medicine Quality

MORU/IDDO MQ Coordinator: Dr Céline Caillet (Reports to Professor Paul Newton, MORU/IDDO MQ Head (Oxford based))


Micro Lab Administrator: Mrs Phonelavanh Phouminh (Government of Lao PDR staff)

Operations Manager: Mrs Athirat Black

Administrator: Ms Sengmany Symanivong

  • Supplies/Logistics: Mr Sengkham Simanivong
  • Finance
  • IT/Data

LOMWRU researchers