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Director / Clinical Microbiologist: Prof Paul Turner

AHC CEO / Senior Clinical Researcher: Prof Claudia Turner

Microbiology Clinical Research

Clinical Microbiologist: Dr Miliya Thyl

Clinical Researcher: Dr Arjun Chandna

Research Assistants:

  • Mr Soputhy Chansovannara 
  • Ms Bran Sambou 
  • Ms Chhay Chhingrean 
  • Ms Heav Sina 
  • Ms Phann Y Soun


Manager: Ms Jill Hopkins


Manager: Dr Clare Ling

Admin / Logistics

Office Manager: Mr Kang Roya

Data Entry Assistant: Mr Pav Vichet

Clinical / Community Research

Researcher and Public Engagement Officer: Ms Pol Sreymom

Clinical Researcher: Dr Kaajal Patel


  • Microbiology laboratory team leader: Mrs Soeng Sona
  • Microbiology laboratory technicians:
    • Mrs Sar Poda
    • Ms Cheav Voleak
    • Mr Prak Sothea
    • Mr Sao Sena
    • Mrs Tan Pisey

COMRU researchers