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Professor Claudia Turner

Professor Claudia Turner

Podcast interview

Tropical neonatology

Whereas children mortality has dramatically decreased over the past 15 years, almost half the remaining mortality still occurs during the first 4 weeks of age. Neonatology, or care of newborns, doesn't need to be difficult or expensive. Low cost intervertions involving communities, such as keeping babies warm, save lives.

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Claudia Turner

Associate Professor

  • Research Paediatrician


Claudia is a consultant paediatrician and clinician scientist with the University of Oxford. Since 2015, she has been Chief Executive Officer of Angkor Hospital for Children.

Claudia spent six years as a research paediatrician with the Shoklo Malaria Research Unit (SMRU) on the Thailand – Myanmar border where she worked in Maela Camp for displaced persons. She conducted research on infant and early childhood pneumonia and early onset neonatal sepsis. This work resulted in her PhD thesis describing in detail the epidemiology of these conditions in the refugee population and interventions which were successful in substantially reducing neonatal mortality. In 2012 Claudia moved to Cambodia to be the Director of Clinical Research at the Cambodia Oxford Medical Research Unit in Siem Reap, Cambodia, a close collaborative partner of the Angkor Hospital for Children.

Claudia’s current research interests include:

  • Neonatal healthcare in resource poor settings
  • Childhood pneumonia
  • Healthcare implementation research
  • Antibiotic stewardship