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Epidemiology team

Head of Epidemiology: Richard Maude

Administrative Assistant: Worarat Khuenpetch

Postgraduate Assistant: Pawadee Boonyakanjanapon

Deputy Head of Epidemiology: Chawarat Rotejanaprasert (Thailand)


GroupMappers Lead, GIS Specialist: Sazid Ibna Zaman (Bangladesh)

GIS Analyst: Ahamed Sakib Antor

Research and Development Officer, GroupMappers: Afrida Asad

Field Coordinator: Mahmudul Hasan

Spatial Data Scientist GroupMappers: Md Ismail Hossain

GIS Specialist: Md. Mustakim Hossain Khan

Project Coordinator: Kazi Nuzhat Naila

GIS Data manager GroupMappers: Md Nurullah

Data analyst: Azizur Rahman

Data Analyst: Israt Jahan Ria

Research Assistant: Sabiha Sabrina

Communication Officer: Elmee Tabassum

Knowledge Management Officer: Farah Yeasmin

Health GeoLab Secretariat

Health GeoLab Coordinator, Technical Assistance Lead: Steeve Ebener (Philippines)

Health GeoLab Training Lead: Neriza Pantanilla (Philippines)

Data Science

Geospatial Dynamics

DPhil Student: Yalda Jafari (Thailand)

Consultant Epidemiologist: Anchalee Jatapai (Thailand)

PhD Student: Jade Rae (Thailand)

Research Physician and DPhil Student: Ipsita Sinha (UK)

Research Physician and DPhil Student: Greta Tam (Hong Kong)

DPhil Student: Qian Wang (Thailand)

Geographic InformationSystems (GIS)

Consultant: Soulixay Inthanone (Lao PDR)

GIS Specialist and PhD Student: Pengby Ngor (Cambodia)

Spatial Data Engineer: Kulchada Pongsoitpetch (Thailand)

GIS Specialist: Wynn Zaw (Myanmar)

Country Coordination

July Ko Ko (Myanmar)

Vilayvone Malaphone (Lao PDR)

Suwanna Mukem (Thailand)

Thang Nguyen Tien (Viet Nam)

Didar Uddin (Bangladesh)


Statistician: Kristen Aiemjoy (USA/Thailand)

Research Physician: Frank Kagoro (Switzerland)

Intern: Mahdi Murtaza (UK)

HEE Fellow: Ellen Beer (Thailand)

HEE Fellow: Becky Walshe (Thailand)

Health Policy

Social Scientist and PhD Student: Monnaphat Jongdeepaisal (Thailand)

Consultant: Orng Long Heng (Cambodia)

Consultant: Hue Nguyen (Viet Nam)

APMEN SRWG Coordinator: Massaya Sirimatayanant (Thailand)

Field Epidemiology

Research Physician: Rapeephan Maude (Thailand)

PhD Student: Tom Hughes (Malaysia)

Epidemiologist: Panarasri Khonputsa (Thailand)

Research Assistant: Supitsara Maneenat (Thailand)

GenRe Coordinator: Sonexay Phalivong (Lao PDR)

Research assistant: Orathai Prasert (Thailand)

Research Physician and PhD student: Ratchaneewan Sinitkul (Thailand/UK)