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Sasitorn Chuaynoo

Sasitorn Chuaynoo

Research groups

Sasitorn Chuaynoo

Chief Financial Officer (CFO)

Mahidol Oxford Tropical Medicine Research Unit

Sasitorn (Joy) Chuaynoo, MORU Chief Financial Officer, has extensive experience in the commercial sector in financial accounting and reporting, auditing, and corporate finance. Sasitorn started her career working for KPMG in Auditing and Business Advisory Services with a CPA License. She then gained more than 10 years of corporate experience in the service and hospitality sectors. 

As MORU CFO, Sasitorn oversees the correctness of the financial reports required by grantors' project management teams and auditors, monitors expenditure, conducts cash flow planning, and prepares and reviews budgets. She also reviews and monitors the financial policies and procedures for robust financial controls over MORU Units’ operations adherence to statutory requirements.

Contact for MORU

Phone: +66 2 203 6333 (fax +66 2 354 9169)