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We are delighted to announce that Bob Taylor has been made an Associate Professor at the University of Oxford. Since joining MORU in 2009 Bob has led many important clinical studies and trials in vivax and falciparum malaria and more recently in cutaneous leishmaniasis. Many of Bob’s research impacts have been of truly global significance.

Bob Taylor © John Bleho

Examples of his research interests include optimising the radical cure of vivax malaria, defining the safety profile of transmission-blocking single low dose primaquine in African children with G6PD deficiency, and the development of optimised age- and weight-based regimens of primaquine. His current work to obtain WHO prequalification for paediatric primaquine formulations, if successful, will see high-quality primaquine across a range of tablet strengths and child-friendly formulations available for malaria elimination.

After qualifying in medicine at Guy’s Hospital London in 1981, and gaining substantial clinical medicine experience in the UK, USA, Africa and Hong Kong, Bob spent eight years at the WHO TDR in Geneva managing multicentre clinical trials on artemisinin-based combinations (ACTs) that led to their recommendation by the WHO as first-line treatment for falciparum malaria and WHO prequalification of artesunate amodiaquine (ASAQ) and artesunate mefloquine (ASMQ).

Many congratulations to Prof Bob on this richly deserved accolade!!

- Prof Nick Day. Photo: John Bleho.

The NDM announcement is available on the CTMGH website