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Nantamon (Ploy) Netikul

Nantamon (Ploy) Netikul

Research groups

Nantamon (Ploy) Netikul

Training & Development Manager

MORU Training & Development Manager Nantamon sees the importance of personnel development and believes that personnel can learn endlessly. With this interest, she studied and holds a Masters in Management in Human Capital and Organization Management from Mahidol University. She has more than 15 years of experience in the International Healthcare business in various areas such as Human Resource Development, Productivity & Process Improvement, and Organization Development.

As MORU Training & Development Manager, Nantamon is responsible for driving and supporting the organization’s values and ensuring that all Training and Development implementations are strategically linked to the organization’s goals and directions. Nantamon will organize and identify a broad assessment of the training and development needs of the organization. She will develop a training and development strategy and implement a program that focuses on customized help and support for individuals and groups to enhance career development for staff across the network and will develop a system to evaluate training to ensure all training meets business needs and drives continuous improvement.  

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