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Dr Anne Osterrieder

Dr Anne Osterrieder

Anne Osterrieder

Public Engagement Coordinator

Anne is a Public Engagement Coordinator who joined the MORU Department for Bioethics and Engagement in 2019. In her role she is supporting MORU’s community and stakeholder engagement activities. Anne is working on a number of different projects across MORU. These include coordination of the Bangkok public Health Research Ethics Interest Group, facilitating stakeholder engagement workshops, and evaluation of engagement activities. In addition, she supports the public engagement activities of the IDDO/LOMWRU Medicine Quality Research Group.

Anne obtained a PhD in Plant Cell Biology at Oxford Brookes University in 2008. From 2008-2019 she worked at Oxford Brookes in a number of academic ‘hybrid’ roles, which allowed her to combine her interests in biology, higher education and science communication. Anne has experience in designing, coordinating and running a wide range of public engagement activities, with a focus on social media and online engagement, science festivals, and facilitating workshops for different audiences. She is also an experienced mentor and facilitator, and successfully led a number of researcher-focused initiatives to create institutional change at Faculty and University level.

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