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Investigating secondary use of clinical research data: a protocol for a mixed methods study (Preprint)

Journal article

Waithira N. et al, (2022), JMIR Research Protocols

Good participatory practice for coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19) research: the case of a COVID-19 prevention study

Journal article

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Putting global health high on the agenda of medical schools.

Journal article

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Ownership of individual-level health data, data sharing, and data governance.

Journal article

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“AMR Dialogues”: a public engagement initiative to shape policies and solutions on antimicrobial resistance (AMR) in Thailand

Journal article

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Should peer reviewers be paid to review academic papers?

Journal article

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The proxy dilemma: Informed consent in paediatric clinical research - a case study of Thailand.

Journal article

Varadan S. et al, (2022), Developing world bioethics

Under the Mask: A Film on Tuberculosis at the Thai-Myanmar Border.

Journal article

Delmas MV. et al, (2022), Frontiers in public health, 10

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