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Quality of medical products for diabetes management: a systematic review

Journal article

Saraswati K. et al, (2019), BMJ Global Health, 4, e001636 - e001636

Benchtop low-field <sup>1</sup>H Nuclear Magnetic Resonance for detecting falsified medicines

Journal article

Assemat G. et al, (2019), Talanta, 196, 163 - 173


Conference paper

Luangasanatip N. et al, (2018), AMERICAN JOURNAL OF TROPICAL MEDICINE AND HYGIENE, 99, 344 - 345

Field detection devices for screening the quality of medicines: a systematic review.

Journal article

Vickers S. et al, (2018), BMJ global health, 3

Health Risks of Unknown Medicines: Evidence from Adverse Drug Reactions in Laos


Caillet C. et al, (2016), DRUG SAFETY, 39, 1009 - 1009

A link between poor quality antimalarials and malaria drug resistance?

Journal article

Newton PN. et al, (2016), Expert Review of Anti-infective Therapy, 14, 531 - 533

Safety profile of enantiomers vs . racemic mixtures: it's the same?

Journal article

Caillet C. et al, (2012), British Journal of Clinical Pharmacology, 74, 886 - 889

Hypnotic Drugs Use and Quality of Life: Longitudinal Analysis from the VISAT Cohort

Conference paper

Caillet C. et al, (2012), PHARMACOEPIDEMIOLOGY AND DRUG SAFETY, 21, 428 - 428

Hypnotic drugs use and quality of life: longitudinal analysis from the VISAT cohort

Conference paper

Caillet C. et al, (2012), FUNDAMENTAL & CLINICAL PHARMACOLOGY, 26, 70 - 70

Campagne nationale de vaccination contre la grippe A (H1N1)v : suivi national de pharmacovigilance

Journal article

Durrieu G. et al, (2011), Thérapie, 66, 527 - 540

Safety surveillance of influenza A(H1N1)v monovalent vaccines during the 2009–2010 mass vaccination campaign in France

Journal article

Caillet C. et al, (2011), European Journal of Clinical Pharmacology, 67, 649 - 651

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