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The joint MORU and IDDO Study to review global COVID-19 therapeutics guidelines, led by PIs Cintia V. Cruz, Mia Cokljat and Philippe Guérin, is examining current national COVID-19 treatment recommendations to investigate the level of variation and whether they are consistent with WHO guidelines for the pharmacological prevention and treatment of COVID-19.

The study team is asking for the help of researchers from around the globe, including MORU and COVID-19 Clinical Research Coalition (CRC) members, to source the most up-to-date national treatment guidelines, which are often not available online. The team has only a short window to conduct this search for guidelines, as therapeutic measures can change rapidly, and they wish to evaluate guidelines from a similar time frame.

Upload your country's guidelines by the 6th September

Read the full story 'Study to review global COVID-19 therapeutics guidelines' on the COVID-19 Clinical Research Coalition website

Thank you in advance for your help!

- Cintia Cruz, on behalf of the COVID-19 Therapeutics Guidelines study team.