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Operations & Administration Team

MORU Tropical Health Network (Bangkok Headquarters):

Operations & Administration: COO David Burton

Operations Officer TBC

HR & Administration: Kanchana Pongsawat

Purchasing & Logistics: Pornjarus Sukhapiwat

Head of IT: Dean Sherwood

Finance CFO: TBC

Financial Reporting: Paweena Apiwatudomkhun

Financial Accounting: Parina Wright

Fundraising / Grant Management: Dave Gandy

Health & Safety USO: Stuart Blacksell

Health & Safety CSO: Wirongrong Chierakul (MORU staff with position within FTM)

Compliance & Quality Assurance CAM: Eoin Mac Hale

Media & Communications: John Bleho

Training: Gaye Proctor

Clinical Trials Support Group (CTSG) Head: Tanya Cope