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Wirichada Pan-Ngum has contributed significant content to the Mahidol University online MSc in Biomedical and Health Informatics which has provided training to many MAEMOD and other MORU staff. In parallel former Head of MAEMOD Lisa White is developing a new MSc course in Global Health Modelling, with a business case in preparation at Oxford University. MAEMOD continues to support the NDM MSC in International Health and Tropical Medicine. Our vision for training is to combine these two courses in a 1+1 programme whilst offering selected modules as commercial short courses, raising scholarship funds for further capacity building. We will extend the reach of this training to the other AAPs and beyond to our partners in the Tropical Diseases Modelling Network (TDModNet).

MAEMOD has some experience of consulting work with industrial partners to augment our funding for research and training. In the coming years we will formalise this activity as “MAEMOD Consulting”. This vehicle will have the benefit of legal support from Oxford University, will consider projects which are aligned with the MAEMOD ethical and methodological remit and may result in a spin-off company with dedicated staff.