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A cross-cutting research group based at MAEMOD with members throughout the MORU network, including in Cambodia (COMRU) and Lao PDR (LOMWRU), the Bacterial Resistance Analysis Group (BRAG) is led by Prof Ben Cooper.

head and shoulders picture of Ben Cooper with the background of a computer screen analysis © 2019 MORU. Photographer: Gerhard Jørén
Ben Cooper’s Bacterial Resistance Analysis Group (BRAG) use a diverse array of methodologies and apply new analytical approaches to find innovative solutions to drug-resistant bacterial infections in low resources settings in SE Asia.

BRAG develops and evaluates innovative solutions to the problem of drug-resistant bacterial infections, with a focus on resource limited settings in SE Asia (but with considerable relevance beyond this region).

Another major theme is to better quantify the burden of disease and socio-economic impact of drug-resistant infections in SE Asia and globally and improve our basic understanding of their epidemiology and population biology. Members of BRAG use a diverse array of methodologies including novel statistical approaches, mechanistic mathematical models, qualitative research methods, analyses of whole genome sequencing and meta-genomic data, health economics, meta-analyses and prospective intervention studies. The group is also actively involved in developing and applying new analytical approaches in many of these areas.