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Bioethics & Engagement Team

Head of Bioethics & Engagement: Phaik Yeong Cheah

PA & Departmental Administrator, Bangkok: Rita Chanviriyavuth


Senior PR & Communications Mgr: Natinee Kulpijit

Study Coordinator: Tassawan Poomchaichote

Social Scientist: Ravikanya Praphasavat (seconded from Microbiology)

Researcher (0.5 FTE): Paulina Tindana

Research Assistant: Supa-at Asarath

Researcher: Bhensri Naemiratch

Participant Liaison Officer: Supanat Ruangkajorn


Head of Public Engagement, SMRU: Ladda Kajeechiwa

Social Science Researcher, SMRU: Napat Khirikoekkong

Research Nurse, CCRU & Master Student: Nipaphan Kanthawang


Public Engagemen tOfficer, COMRU: Soputhy Chansovannara

Head of Public Engagement Siem Pang: Ean Mom

Public Engagement Officer, COMRU: Sreymom Pol

Post-graduate Students

DPhil Student: Amalee McCoy

DPhil Student: Naomi Waithira

PhD Student: Nils Kaehler

PhD Student: Rachel Greer


Public Engagement Coordinator: Anne Osterrieder

Post-doc Researcher: Mira Schneiders