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Due to the diversity and international spread of our network, our vacancies are interesting and varied. We offer career development and training for all staff and students. Check out our jobs section to see local vacancies for Thai nationals, international opportunities advertised by Oxford, plus read about some of our researchers and how their careers have developed as part of this network.

Group photo of researchers in a lab

The MORU Network is a collection of international research groups and collaborations. We recruit a number of research and professional support roles from within Thailand and also via our parent organisation, The Univeristy of Oxford.

Local Vacancies

One of our strategic aims is to build capacity within Thailand, and we are regularly looking for new staff to join our network.

We currently have several vacancies for oppourtunities based in our Bangkok office.

Visit the Thai NGO website for vacancies in our Units and study sites in Thailand and across Asia.

NDM/Oxford posts

MORU is part of The Centre of Tropical Medicine and Global Health which is a collection of research groups within the Nuffield Department of Clinical Medicine (NDM), University of Oxford, who are permanently based in Africa and Asia. Our research ranges from clinical studies to behavioural sciences, with capacity building integral to all of our activities.

Visit the Oxford website to see current vacancies within our network.

Learning and Development

Researcher Development Framework (RDF)

MORU has adopted the Researcher Development Framework (RDF) as the  professional development tool to structure the post-graduate training program. The RDF was developed by Vitae, to help researchers at all stages of their careers to understand the knowledge, attributes and skills required to succeed as a professional researcher in Higher Education and beyond. The RDF has been also adopted by the University of Oxford as well as the Open University and assists MORU in complying with the training requirements of those universities. The RDF was developed using empirical data, collected from interviews with researchers, and this offers an insight to students into what professional researchers and academics believe is needed to progress in a research career. The RDF is divided in to four main 'domains', each of which contain three sub-domains. Within these sub-domains are a further sixty-three categories which offer a fuller description of what is required within each area.

The RDF is designed for:

  • Researchers to evaluate and plan their own personal, professional and career development
  • Managers and supervisors of researchers in their role supporting the development of researchers
  • Trainers, developers, human resources specialists and careers advisors in the planning and provision of support for researchers' development
  • Employers to provide an understanding of the blend of skills unique to researchers and their potential as employees.

Through coordination by the training committee, the many aspects of the RDF are covered in the MORU postgraduate student training program. Lectures and workshops are provided by MORU staff as well as invited speakers to fulfil the requirements of the RDF.

Why work for MORU?

What's special about working within the MORU Network? 

MORU enjoys continued success by attracting the best staff and students from around the world, and providing them with the challenges, support, and career development opportunities they need to thrive. We recognise the demands on work life balance and actively promote the provision of a family friendly working environment. If you are looking for a new challenge in a workplace that values outreach and collegiality, fosters an inclusive culture, promotes equality and values diversity, why not apply for one of our roles? The work we do changes people’s lives; a career with us could change your life too.