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  • Initiated a crowdsource mapping project GroupMappers which has identified and mapped rural communities in 4 districts in Southeast Bangladesh and locations of disease cases in Dhaka City.
  • GroupMappers data is being used by the government of Bangladesh for communicable disease surveillance and planning interventions, for example:
    • GroupMappers has mapped dengue cases and mosquito distribution across Dhaka City to produce maps of dengue risk during the 2019 epidemic followed by a drone survey of mosquito breeding sites in high risk areas.
    • GroupMappers has mapped dog distribution across Bangladesh and piloted mapping of locations of human bites to guide targeting of dog vaccination by the government rabies control programme.
  • Developed a novel, highly efficient, method to map villages by GPS. Supported by MORU Epidemiology, this method is being implemented by government health staff to map thousands of villages for communicable disease surveillance in Bangladesh, Cambodia and Thailand.
  • Developed a novel method for GPS mapping of individual malaria cases for case-based reporting and investigation. Supported by MORU Epidemiology, this is now being rolled out by the government across border areas of northeast Bangladesh.
  • Established Thai GIS Net, a network to connect professionals from academia, industry and government with an interest in geographic informations systems (GIS) in Thailand.