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Head of Clinical Trials Support Group: Professor Greg Fegan

Research staff at sister units

Data management

Head of Data Management: Naomi Waithira

Data Managers: Kulthida Chaikul, Vanapol Chamsukhee, Paphapisa Chotwatthanawathit Atthanee Jeeyapant, Chonticha Menggred, Brian Mutinda, Thatsanun Ngernseng

Clinical Data Assistants: Wanida Jansuaidee, Panor Kiatkungwanglai, Pantira Koomklang, Achara Mukdaprakorn

Server Administrator: Montri Ridjaibun

Programmers: Prapass Wannapinij, Amornsak Amorntananun

Clinical Research Operations & Delivery

Program Managers: Jaruwan Tubprasert, Pongphaya Pongsuwan, Prayoon Yeuntrakul

Clinical Trials Admin Coordinator and ASO: Thanyatip Thita

Clinical Research Associates: Maliwan Hongsuwan, Rungnapa Khamboocha, Akanittha Poonchai

Clinical Trials Assistants: Nuttakan Tanglakmankhong

Clinical Research Submission

Program Manager: Salwaluk Panipat

Regulatory Affairs Specialist: Varaporn Kruabkontho

Clinical Trials Assistants: Orawan Anunsittichai, Saiy Chaiwang, Nhathita Panatreswas


Head of Statistics: Associate Professor Mavuto Mukaka

Statisticians: Sue Lee, Pimnara Peerawaranun, Chiraporn Taya, Atanu Batacharjee