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CTSG’s vision is facilitate the delivery of high-quality clinical trials and studies thus providing data and information to support the advancement of MORU’s mission to find practical solutions to major tropical medical problems.

Presentation by Joom about the TRACII projects © MORU 2019. Photo by Prayoon Yuentrakul
CTSG Staff providing training as part of the TRACII study. © MORU. Photo by Prayoon Yuentrakul.

To continue strengthening the partnerships with MORU investigators and sites, CSTG will aim to:

  • Enhance compliance and consistency of MORU research projects by implementing a toolkit with core research materials and good clinical practice (GCP0 training, which will be available to all investigators.
  • Implement a centralized risk matrix to be used with study development, to review and oversee clinical studies in a compliant and pragmatic manner.
  • Further GCP and technical training forums, to extend clinical study knowledge across MORU units and investigators.
  • Complete implementation of a GCP QA system for oversight of all clinical studies.
  • Continue to develop training materials and short courses to assist with building research capacity across the MORU network to deliver international quality health research trials and studies.
  • Find technical solution to reduce paperwork so that we can more quickly deliver more studies with less friction.  We will look to implement an e-signature solution to minimize the use of wet ink signatures.