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Introduction In resource-limited settings – with inequalities in access to and outcomes for trauma, surgical and critical care – intensive care registries are uncommon. Aim The Pakistan Society of Critical Care Medicine, Intensive Care Society (UK) and the Network for Improving Critical Care Systems and Training (NICST) aim to implement a clinician-led real-time national intensive care registry in Pakistan: the Pakistan Registry of Intensive CarE (PRICE). Method This was adapted from a successful clinician co-designed national registry in Sri Lanka; ICU information has been linked to real-time dashboards, providing clinicians and administrators individual patient and service delivery activity respectively. Output Commenced in August 2017, five ICU’s (three administrative regions – 104 beds) were recruited and have reported over 1100 critical care admissions to PRICE. Impact and future PRICE is being rolled out nationally in Pakistan and will provide continuous granular healthcare information necessary to empower clinicians to drive setting-specific priorities for service improvement and research.

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Journal of the Intensive Care Society


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190 - 195