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IntroductionVector borne diseases (VBDs) present significant public health challenges in Southeast Asia (SEA), and the increasing number of cases threatens vulnerable communities. Inadequate vector control and management have been linked to the spread of VBDs. To address these issues, community participation has been proposed as a promising approach to enhance health programmes and control of VBDs. This article outlines a protocol for a scoping review of the published literature on community-participation approaches to control VBDs in the SEA region. The primary research question is 'How does community participation complement the control of VBDs in SEA?' This review aims to provide an overview of various approaches and identify barriers and facilitators to effective implementation.Methods and analysisThe research questions will guide the scoping review. In stage 1, peer-reviewed publications from PubMed, Web of Science and Scopus will be searched using predefined search terms related to community-based approaches and VBDs in the SEA region, English, Indonesian and Malay published between 2012 and 2022. In stage 2, the references from relevant articles will be screened for eligibility. In stage 3, eligible articles will be charted in Microsoft Excel to facilitate the review process, and studies will be characterised based on the investigated diseases; this review will also highlight the methodological context of these studies. In stage 4, a thematic analysis will be conducted to derive meaningful findings from the dataset relevant to the research inquiry, followed by writing the results in stage 5. This scoping review aims to be the first to explore community participation in VBD control in the SEA population, providing valuable insights for future research and stakeholders involved in disease control.Ethics and disseminationThis scoping review does not require ethical approval because the methodology synthesises information from available articles. This review is planned for dissemination in academic journals, conference presentations and shared with stakeholders as part of knowledge sharing among those involved in VBD control.

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Journal article


BMJ open

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Center for Health Services Research, Institutes of Health Systems Research, National Institutes of Health, Ministry of Health, Selangor, Shah Alam, Malaysia.


Animals, Humans, Research Design, Asia, Southeastern, Review Literature as Topic, Community Participation, Vector Borne Diseases