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Introduction: INTELLiVENT-Adaptive Support Ventilation (INTELLiVENT-ASV), an advanced closed-loop ventilation mode for use in intensive care unit (ICU) patients, is equipped with algorithms that automatically adjust settings on the basis of physiologic signals and patient's activity. Here we describe its effectiveness, safety, and efficacy in various types of ICU patients.Areas covered: A systematic search conducted in MEDLINE, EMBASE, the Cochrane Central register of Controlled Trials (CENTRAL), and in Google Scholar identified 10 randomized clinical trials.Expert opinion: Studies suggest INTELLiVENT-ASV to be an effective automated mode with regard to the titrations of tidal volume, airway pressure, and oxygen. INTELLiVENT-ASV is as safe as conventional modes. However, thus far studies have not shown INTELLiVENT-ASV to be superior to conventional modes with regard to duration of ventilation and other patient-centered outcomes. Future studies are needed to test its efficacy.

Original publication




Journal article


Expert review of respiratory medicine

Publication Date





1403 - 1413


Department of Intensive Care, Amsterdam University Medical Centers, Location 'AMC', Amsterdam, The Netherlands.


Lung, Humans, Tidal Volume, Respiration, Artificial, Critical Care, Intensive Care Units