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MORU team

University of Oxford Nuffield Department of Medicine Head: Prof Richard Cornall

Mahidol University Faculty of Tropical Medicine Dean: Weerapong Phumratanaprapin

Wellcome Trust / Oxford Asia Research Units Chairman: Nicholas White

Wellcome Trust Director: Jeremy Farrar

MORU Director: Nicholas Day

MORU Deputy Director: Arjen Dondorp

Health & Safety USO: Stuart Blacksell

Health & Safety CSO: Wirongrong Chierakul (MORU staff with position within FTM)

Compliance & Quality Assurance: Eoin Mac Hale

Clinical Trials Support Group Head: Tanya Cope

Statistics Head: Mavuto Mukaka

Data Management Head: Naomi Waithira

Medicine Quality Research Group: Paul Newton

Bioethics & Engagement: Phaik Yeong Cheah

MORU (Bangkok, Thailand): Nicholas Day

SMRU (Maesot, Thailand) Director: François Nosten

LOMWRU (Laos) Director: Liz Ashley

COMRU (Cambodia) Director: Paul Turner

MOCRU (Myanmar)Director: Frank Smithuis

Kinshasa KIMORU study site Director: Caterina Fanello

Kinshasa KIMORU study site Clinical Director: Marie Onyamboko

Operations & Administration 

COO: David Burton

HR & Administration: Kanchana Pongsaswat

Media & Communications: John Bleho

Logistics & Purchasing: Pornjarus Sukhapiwat

Training: Gaye Proctor

Head of IT: Dean Sherwood

Operations Officer: TBC

Finance CFO: TBC

Fundraising /Grant Management: Dave Gandy

Postgraduate Studies: Leigh Jones

Malaria & Critical Illness Arjen Dondorp

Malaria Lab: Kesinee Chotivanich (MORU staff with position within FTM)

Molecular Malaria Lab: Mallika Imwong (MORU staff with position within FTM)

ICU Clinical Team

Microbiology Direk Limmathurotsakul (MORU staff with position within FTM)

Core Operations: Vanaporn Wuthiekanun

Molecular Microbiology: Liz Batty Janjira Thaipadungpanit (MORU staff with position within FTM)

Immunology: Susanna Dunachie

Cell Biology: Jeanne Salje

Serology/Safety/PACS: Stuart Blacksell

Chiangrai Clinical Research Unit: Carlo Perrone

Bangkok AMR-DRI/Sepsis

Ubon Ratchathani AMR-DRI Group Sepsis Group

Mo Yin Modelling Group

Melioidosis Prevention Group

Melioidosis Genomics: Claire Chewapreecha, Head

Clinical Pharmacology Joel Tarning

Pharmacometrics: Richard Hoglund

Routine Laboratory Manager: Urairat Koesukwiwat

Mathematical and Economics Modeling Wirichada Pan-ngum (MORU staff with position within FTM)

Neglected Tropical Diseases Modeling: Wirichada Pan-ngum (MORU staff with position within FTM)

Bacterial Resistance Analysis Group: Ben Cooper

Economic & Implementation Research Group: Yoel Lubell

Analytical Tools for Malaria Elimination Group: Ricardo Aguas

Epidemiology Richard Maude

Clinical Therapeutics Unit (CTU) Nicholas White Sasithon Purkritayakamee (MORU staff with position within FTM)

IDDO/WWARN Mehul Dhorda

SML & EQA Coordinator: Ranitha Vongpromek

Lab Manager: Cholrawee Promnarate