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  • Continue global leadership in melioidosis research in epidemiology, diagnosis, treatment and prevention.
  • Continue to host and develop a hub for the research community for all information, maps, data, and to foster communication between researchers.
  • Improve our understanding on the genetic basis of melioidosis infection. A series of genetic epidemiology will be conduct to identify bacterial genetic factors that determine disease severity, identify host biomarkers associated with susceptibility to melioidosis and disease severity; and construct models scoring bacterial and host factors to predict disease outcome.
  • Improve our understanding on the association between melioidosis and diabetic mellitus, their immune regulation and dysfunction, and the impact of using metformin to reduce the incidence rate of bacterial infection and/or reduce the severity of the infection in the diabetic population.
  • Improve our understanding in in host responses during infection, by conducting a series on bacterial and host “-omics”. We will integrate clinical data with “-omics” data (regional and global partners) and hypothesis-driven experimental work to advance knowledge in this field.