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The MORU Tropical Health Network recognizes the value of sharing individual level data. We aim to ensure that data generated from all our research are collected, curated, managed and shared in a way that maximizes their benefit. When sharing data we have an obligation to ensure that the interests of research participants, researchers and other stakeholders are appropriately protected

Woman being shown drawing of an antibiotic and a virus © 2019 MORU
Members of the Young Person Advisory Group (YPAG), a public engagement project at COMRU supported by Bioethics & Engagement, preparing to perform Antibiotics: Use them right! at the Angkor Hospital for Children (AHC) in Siem Reap, Cambodia.

MORU is committed to ensuring that data sharing is planned for in the inception of a study, including:

  • During negotiations with funders and collaborating sites;
  • In evaluating compliance with local and international ethics and regulatory requirements; and
  • In the design and conduct of consent processes.

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Kindly direct queries and applications for datasets to Rita Chanviriyavuth.