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Dr Nantasit Luangasanatip

Dr Nantasit Luangasanatip

Research groups

Nantasit Luangasanatip

Postdoctoral Researcher

Post-doctoral research fellow Nantasit Luangasanatip is a health economist and mathematical modeler at the Mahidol Oxford Tropical Medicine Research Unit (MORU) in Bangkok, Thailand. Currently a member of the Economics & Implementation Research Group (EIRG) in MORU’s Mathematical and Economic Modelling (MAEMOD) department, Nantasit joined MORU in 2010. His work is to assess cost-effectiveness of new interventions and their clinical implications. He experienced in assessing cost-effectiveness of interventions to prevent healthcare-associated bacterial infections in hospital with resource limited settings, studying economic evaluation of portable devices for post-marketing medicine quality surveillance in a lower-middle country, evaluating cost-effectiveness of melioidosis vaccine in global perspective to explore the country-specific optimal targeted strategy, as well as cost-effectiveness of rotavirus vaccine in Thai and Bhutan context.