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Head of the MQRG: Paul Newton (UK) (Full-time MQRG member)

Deputy Head of MQRG: Céline Caillet (Lao PDR / France) (Full-time MQRG member)

Honorary Visiting Research Fellow: Michael Deats (UK) (Part-time MQRG member)

  • Research Assistant: Vayouly Vidhamaly (Lao PDR) (Full-time MQRG member)
  • Research Assistant: Khonsavath Bellingham (Lao PDR) (Full-time MQRG member)
  • Research Assistant: Inthaphavanh Kitignavong (Lao PDR) (Part-time MQRG member)
  • Research Assistant: Ngan Thi Do (Vietnam) (Part-time MQRG member)
  • Research Assistant: Guillermo Alonso (UK) (Part-time MQRG member)
  • Chemometric Scientist: Andrew O’Neil (UK/Thailand) (Full-time MQRG member)
  • Research Assistant: Jingying Xu (UK) (Part-time MQRG member)
  • Research Assistant: Kerlijn Van Assche (Belgium) (Full-time MQRG member)
  • Research Assistant: Ana Rosado Olmo (Spain) (Part-time MQRG member)