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This study has determined the proportional sero-positivity of two zoonotic diseases, Q fever and brucellosis, and bluetongue virus which is non-zoonotic, in five provinces of Lao PDR (Loungphabang, Luangnumtha, Xayaboury and Xiengkhouang, Champasak, Vientiane province and Vientiane capital) A total of 1089 samples from buffalo, cattle, pigs and goats were tested, with sero-positivity of bluetongue virus (96.7%), Q fever (1.2%) and brucellosis (0.3%). The results of this survey indicated that Q fever sero-positivity is not widely distributed in Lao PDR however Xayaboury province had a cluster of seropositive cattle in seven villages in four districts (Botan, Kenthao, Paklaiy and Phiang) that share a border with Thailand. Further studies are required to determine if Xayaboury province is indeed an epidemiological hotspot of Q fever activity. There is an urgent need to determine the levels of economic loss and human health-related issues caused by Q fever, brucellosis and bluetongue virus in Lao PDR.


Journal article


American Journal of Tropical Medicine & Hygiene


Lao PDR, zoonotic, Q fever, Brucella, Bluetongue