Udomsak Narkkul

Udomsak photo

Udomsak Narkkul’s work combines mathematical modelling with laboratory research. His current project is focused on zoonotic neglected tropical diseases. In particular, Leptospirosis has been chosen as Thailand has strong research communities and rich data sets on the disease. This disease is found in the environment and outbreaks are caused by its interactions with both human and animal hosts. Modelling can play a key role in filling in knowledge gaps. In parallel to his modelling research, Udomsak is being trained to perform in vitro culture of the bacteria to develop a standard protocol for culturing leptospira spp. from the environment. Key components from his lab work including the growth characteristics of the bacteria will be combined with environmental factors, human-animal-environment interactions and risk behaviours. These will be incorporated into a mathematical model to explore the complexity of the disease epidemiology and investigate ways to prevent future outbreaks. Udomsak is currently completing his PhD with Mahidol University.