Training across the MORU Network has been developed to enable higher education of international quality for scientists and clinicians from Asia. Training and education is in accordance with guidelines from relevant professional and registration bodies with a central aim to produce independent research scientists who are internationally competitive in developing and leading sustainable research programs. An important feature of our training program is that it must meet the needs of all of our research sites and training must be tailored to meet individual and local needs. 

We aim to:

Professional and vocational training

High quality research depends critically on developing and sustaining the appropriate organisational, management and support structures. There are many and varied training needs that need to be addressed within each of the project areas. While some of the training needs individually address highly specific training needs of only one functional area, some training needs are applicable to a wide audience such as in the case of safety which has application to a wide number of clinical and research settings. These areas include statistics, genomics, safety and biosafety, bioethics, clinical project management, GLP and GCLP.  

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On we have collated training resources to meet the diverse needs of the MORU Network. You will find online courses, downloadable resources, face to face training opportunities and discussion forums. Covering everything from business and management to biosafety and statistics, there is something for everyone whether you work in the office or the laboratory.

Training at MORU February 2018

In the lead up to the OTN, we are focusing on skills for presentations and posters and have also included a drop in session to provide individual feedback and assistance.

Presentation Skills Tuesday 6 February 9.00 – 12.00 CTSG Meeting Room

This course outlines design principles for effective presentations, including the use of charts and graphs.

 Scientific Posters Tuesday 6 February 15.00 – 17.00 CTSG Meeting Room

This session includes advice and tips on the following;

 Advanced MS PowerPoint Wednesday 7 February 9.00 – 12.00 Similan 1 & 2

Take your slides to the next level and learn to use animations and other effects to present data and complex information in an effective, easy to follow manner.

Registration is required. Please go to ,select the course you wish to attend and click on RSVP. Please note, you must be a registered user of trainingtropmedres.

Drop in session for individual assistance Tuesday 6 February 13.00 – 15.00 CTSG Meeting Room

Bring along your presentations, slides or posters for individual feedback and assistance.

Open to all – no need for an appointment – just drop in.

If you have any questions regarding the training courses, please email 

The Oxford Learning Institute provides a wide range of training opportunities for Oxford staff and students. In addition, it also makes some online courses available to non-Oxford staff and students. If you would like access to an online course, please email Karen Valentine with your full name and the details of the course you would like to do.