Our Strategic Objectives

  1. To follow a research agenda that addresses important infectious disease and nutritional health threats to the developing world, with the goal of producing implementable and affordable high impact interventions that make a real difference.
    • Theme 1: Epidemiology and Diagnostics
    • Theme 2: Maternal and Child Health
    • Theme 3: Anti-Microbial Drug Resistance
    • Theme 4: Pathogens and People
    • Theme 5: Improving Treatment
    • Theme 6: Malaria Elimination
  2. To construct a research network with the human resources and scientific resources to follow this agenda successfully.
  3. To ensure that our research outputs are translated into a significant impact on global health  

Joint mission statement with OUCRU 2015-2020

  1. Research:
    To conduct research into major health problems which threaten Asia and beyond. We will focus on a number of research themes, chosen for their public health importance both regionally and globally.

  2. Developing People:
    To develop a critical mass of internationally recognised Asian clinicians and scientists dedicated to the continued development of research capacity in the region and the health of its people.

  3. Developing Institutions:
    To create an integrated and well coordinated network of internationally recognised clinical and laboratory research sites across Asia and beyond, to deliver health advances addressing local and global health needs. To foster long-lasting and integrative collaborations with local institutions and hospitals to build both research and administrative capacity.

  4. Public Engagement & Outreach:
    To engage with the communities who host us and hence inspire and involve current and future generations in medical research.

  5. Dissemination:
    To provide and propagate research evidence of the highest quality and clinical relevance, upon which policy, both locally and globally, can be based.

  6. Strengthening Governance, Management and Financial Planning:
    To build operational excellence through integrated business units, enabling us to continue realising the extraordinary research opportunities of our Network.