Fishy Clouds AMR & research with children

MORU collaborated with B-floor Theatre to develop andFishy clouds produce Fishy Clouds, a performance with the theme of antimicrobial resistance with a specific focus on the  ethics of research with children. Following a 6-month research residency at MORU, the group produced a  series of ten 40-45 minute puppet theatre performances at the Bangkok Theatre Festival and elsewhere in Thailand in November and December 2016.

As part of SMRU’s 30th anniversary
festivities, Fishy Clouds was presented to appreciative audiences at Wattana Resort on 12th December, Whang Pha on 13th December, and Mawker Thai on 14th December. Funded by the Wellcome Trust as part of MORU’s Public Engagement activities to make science more accessible to a wider audience including children, Fishy Clouds is a 40-45 minute puppet theatre performance that focuses on antimicrobial resistance and the ethics of research with children.

Malaria Elimination and rural drama performances, Cambodia

As part of MORUs work on Malaria, Village Drama Against Malaria (Facebook) / Village Drama Against Malaria (YouTube), used Cambodian drama, art, music workshops and village concerts to mobilize rural communities to eliminate malaria. A local drama group worked with the local health department to create scripts relevant to the villages at risk of malaria in the forests. Prior to each performance, a two-day workshop was held at the school with village youths to include local stories about malaria and to encourage local people to perform on stage. All villagers and local authorities were invited on the third day for a performance with music, karaoke, short health talks, games, and drama.

In June 2016, the initiative held its first performance in O Treng, a remote rural Cambodian village that suffers from malaria. The key role Community Engagement can play was illustrated when over 200 people, more than half the village, attended the performance, which featured five village singers and primary school children dressed as mosquitoes singing a song about malaria. The initiative began with six villages where MORU runs the TME study, then went on to shows in about 20 Battambang province villages, targeting those with the most malaria.