Save a baby's life: Donate to emergency C-sections

smru staff feeding baby
SMRU staff feeding a baby at the Mae La Refugee Camp near the Thai-Myanmar border

Each year, the Shoklo Malaria Research Unit (SMRU) and its network of Thai-Myanmar border clinics provide free delivery and obstetric services to over 2,000 refugee and migrant women, many from Myanmar. About 125-150 of these births need an emergency C-section because the mother’s or the baby’s life is threatened.

Although most of these 2,000 births are uncomplicated and can be handled by SMRU staff, SMRU must pay USD 500-700 (GBP 300-430) for every life-saving C-section and related emergency transport and hospitalization costs at nearby Thai Hospitals.

This is at least five times the typical migrant worker’s monthly wage, so SMRU bears the full cost of these life-saving surgeries out of its medical research budgets.

Make a life-saving difference this holiday season: Share this with friends and family. Or, donate to emergency SMRU C-sections here.