Sannan Nou

Head of Public Engagement, Pailin Field Station

NOU Sanann is a Head of Public and Community SanannEngagement  and a Social Scientist based in Pailin and Battambang Provinces. Sanann will provide consultancy services to such places as MORU may reasonably specify. She will supply advice, data and materials in conformity with the highest professional standards.

Prior to joining MORU, Sanann has many years of experience in the operational aspects of malaria control, worked as a Provincial Coordinator for FHI360 supervising the Village Malaria Workers (VMW) Program in Pailin, where she organized large community events and health campaigns. She ensured linkage and referral system of VMW and MMW to the agreed health system of Ministry of Health and National Center for Parasitology, Entomology and Malaria Control. Sanann will begin by working with the villages that participated in the Targeted Malaria Elimination study to learn from their experience so as to refine the TME strategy as  an elimination tool for Cambodia.