Mathupanee Oonsivilai

Research Area: Bioinformatics & Stats (inc. Modelling and Computational Biology)
Technology Exchange: Computational biology
Scientific Themes: Immunology & Infectious Disease and Tropical Medicine & Global Health
Keywords: Antimicrobial-resistance, AMR and Mathematical modelling

Mathupanee Oonsivilai is a Research Assistant at the Mahidol-Oxford Tropical Medicine Research Unit in Bangkok. Her current work looks at temporal and spatial clustering effects of antibiotic usage and its connection to resistant strains.

She is currently completing her MSc with Georgia Tech. Her previous research is in high resolution MRI medical image processing and robotics.  

Name Department Institution Country
Professor Ben Cooper Tropical Medicine Oxford University, Bangkok Thailand
Dr Rene Niehus Tropical Medicine Oxford University, Vientiane Laos
Professor Paul Turner Tropical Medicine Oxford University, Siem Reap Cambodia

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