Post-graduate study programmes

The MORU Postgraduate Studies Programme covers MORU, SMRU, LOMWRU and other satellite locations. MORU provides structured postgraduate training in a 3 or 4 year programme, depending on the university. These students are mainly Thai, though we have an increasing number of students from other areas of Asia and elsewhere participating in the postgraduate student programme. The majority of our students are enrolled at Mahidol University, though should they meet entry requirement students are also encouraged to apply for places within UK universities. Students normally enroll in PhD programs although MSc Studies are also offered within the local university environment.

We have been a designated Open University UK (OU) Affiliated Research Centre (ARC) since 2002. This designation reflects the high standard to which postgraduate training is carried out, as ARC status requires fulfilment of the requirements of the UK Quality Assurance Agency for academic standards in higher education. Some PhD students have the opportunity to register for DPhil through the Nuffield Dept of Clinical Medicine at the University of Oxford.

From 2009 through to 2014, 120 students (PhD 92, Masters 28) have been registered in the programme with 55 students graduated (37 PhDs and 18 masters). The major institutions for postgraduate student registration are Mahidol University FTM (66 students), Open university-UK (12 students) and University of Oxford (9 students).