Significant achievements in microbiology 2009-2014

MORU Microbiology team members in BSL2 laboratory in Bangkok

Clinical Epidemiology

  1. Set up a large clinical epidemiology study in 10 provincial hospitals in northeast Thailand, leading to the largest retrospective studies of community-acquired bacteraemia (CAB) and hospital acquired bacteraemia (HAB) in Thailand.
  2. Initiated a multi-national multi-centre prospective study to identify the causes, management and outcomes of sepsis and severe sepsis in Southeast Asia in partnership with Southeast Asia Infectious Clinical Research Networks (SEAICRN) in 9 study sites in 3 countries. The department head is the PI for the whole study, Bangkok Microbiology directly runs two study sites, and acts as a reference laboratory in Thailand.


  1. Led the application of imperfect gold standard analysis using Bayesian latent class modelling to evaluate the true accuracy of diagnostic tests for infectious diseases. Developed a web based application so that the model can be easily used by lay researchers world wide.4. Developed and evaluated multiple diagnostic tests for many infectious diseases, including leptospirosis, scrub typhus, dengue infection and melioidosis.

Rickettsial infections

  1. Developed a non-human primate model for studying time course dynamics and future vaccine evaluation in scrub typhus. This work is in collaboration with Armed Forces Research Institute of Medical Sciences and funded by NIH.
  2. Developed a new immunology and cell-biology research programme for scrub typhus. Research area: Leptospirosis.
  3. Developed and implemented the use of new solid media for culture of Leptospira spp.. This new solid media agar allows faster growth, simple susceptibility testing (Figure 3) and longterm maintenance of Leptospira spp.
  4. Developed a number of diagnostic tests and conducted molecular studies for Leptospira spp.. Developed and tested a single MLST scheme for seven pathogenic Leptospira species. The scheme and database are hosted by www.MLST.net.


  1. Conducted a large randomized controlled trial for drug regimens to be used during oral eradicative treatment for melioidosis.
  2. Developed a number of diagnostic tests and conducted large host genetic susceptibility studies for Burkholderia pseudomallei infection.


  1. Established the role of NOD2 and Toll-like receptor variants in susceptibility and outcome from melioidosis.
  2. Demonstrated the role of T-cell immunity in survival from melioidosis.