Major Research Achievements

Babies in Kinshasa maternity ward

Since we have started working in Kinshasa we have participated to two major multi-centre international clinical trials on severe malaria treatment (Dondorp et al, 2010) and artemisinin resistance (Ashley et al. 2014). We also carried out two clinical trials to test the efficacy and pharmacokinetics of artemisinin combination therapies in uncomplicated malaria in the paediatric population and in pregnant women (Onyamboko et al., 2014).

These studies allowed us to start building a core of baseline data on malaria and drug efficacy and pharmacokinetics in the area. We also successfully liaised with the MalariaGen project (University of Oxford and the Sanger Institute) to produce novel data on the genetics of the P. falciparum population in the country.

Recently, in response to reports of post-artesunate haemolysis in travellers returning to Europe with malaria, we carried out a trial to measure the impact of this drug on various haematological parameters in children with P. falciparum malaria.

Nursing staff with Caterina Fanello, and a Kinshasa hospital ward