Developing People

PhD students at the MORU Department of Pharmacology

This is an exciting time for scientific research in Thailand, as the number of home-grown scientists and clinicians is approaching critical mass. These individuals tend to be based in Bangkok.

MORU, embedded within the Faculty of Tropical Medicine at Mahidol University in Bangkok, is an ideally placed platform to train and develop these scientists and others from adjacent countries. We provide an opportunity to work on diseases affecting the poorest sections of Thai and South-East Asian society. We act as a focus for both local and international collaboration, and technology transfer from the developed world. We aim to produce scientists and clinical researchers capable of attracting their own funding and running independent research programmes within the region.

MORU’s Training Programme has been developed to provide international quality higher education for scientists and clinicians from Asia. Training and education is in accordance with guidelines from relevant professional and registration bodies with a central aim to produce independent research scientists who are internationally competitive in developing and leading sustainable research programs.

We aim to: