Chittagong Medical College Hospital (CMCH), Chittagong


Chittagong is the second city in Bangladesh, and the main port town of the country. The hospital is a 1,000 bed teaching hospital, accommodating around 1,500 patients, with a catchment population of approximately 15 million. In 2006 an intensive care unit became operational. The hospital is closely associated with the ‘Malaria Research Group’, which has done excellent studies in the field of malaria and other infectious diseases. In 2006 the ‘Tropical Medical Centre’ was founded. MORU has a government approved collaboration with the centre, involving collaborative research projects and the exchange of medical knowledge. Severe malaria is the main cause for mortality on the medicine wards; malaria is mainly acquired in the Chittagong hill tracts. CMCH was one of the main centres in the SEAQUMAT trial, a large multicentre, multinational, trial comparing parenteral artesunate and quinine in the treatment of severe malaria, which showed a huge survival benefit in favour of artesunate. Since then we have collaborated in several important studies on adjuvant therapies in severe malaria and malaria pathophysiology. In addition to research activities, MORU organised, together with the Royal United Hospital in the UK, a training course in ICU medicine.